The FASST Center’s Speed Development Training System

An athlete can greatly improve their speed through learning The FASST Center’s Speed Development System.

Our Center is designed to improve:

These intense programs will develop:

Strength and core stabilization are emphasized, which are essential for sports related injury prevention especially for female athletes. Athletes are trained in:

We offer training and instruction to individuals, small groups, and teams in sprint technique, speed improvement, fitness and conditioning. Using hills, resistance training, all-weather tracks and a relentless series of drills, we build piece by piece, a physical model of speed while improving explosiveness, overall athletic ability and endurance. With innovative training techniques, we train our athletes to develop the responsiveness and ability to perform with rapid, decisive and sustainable speed anytime, anywhere.

An athlete must be flexible through a full range of motion if they are going to improve speed, and at The FASST Center, athletes will learn a flexibility routine that will increase balance, coordination, body control, and dynamic flexibility.

Each athlete will be taught drills to improve their running form. Athletes will be taught proper acceleration mechanics as well as top end speed mechanics. Learning these mechanics will greatly improve athletes overall speed as well as horizontal and linear speed.

Stride Frequency
Each athlete will be taught drills to improve their stride frequency. This teaches their body to use the leg faster as well as learning to relax and contract the right muscles at the right time. The faster the athletes stride frequency through a full range of motion, the faster the athlete will run.

Force Application
Each athlete will learn plyometric drills to teach their body how to apply force to the ground and bounce off it quickly. The more force you apply to the ground, the longer your stride length. Also with any sport the more force you apply to the ground the more force you can apply to an object.

An athlete’s ability to react to a stimulus is extremely important to functional speed in any competition. Each athlete will be taught drills to improve their reaction time through movement.

Change of Direction
An athlete’s ability to change direction is vital in almost every sport. Athletes will be taught to “come to balance” and change direction using complete body control and balance.