About Us

The FASST Sports Association, Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization designed for youths and headquartered in Forestville, Maryland, providing them with athletic and educational opportunities to build the skills necessary to succeed academically and athletically; develop personally, and become responsible, contributing leaders of tomorrow.

The FASST Sports Association includes 6 sports programs in which youth athletes can participate: football (Falcons Sports Association Football Program), basketball (Future Players Basketball Organization), softball/baseball (FASST Softball/Baseball Association), boxing (No X Cuse Boxing Club), and track and field (FASST Track and Field Club). Combined with our education and health programs, we provided the necessary tools for our youth to become successful, productive citizens.

Our Vision

• To provide the necessary academic skills for our student-athletes for success in high school and college.
• To prepare our student-athletes to become elite athletes.
• To help our student-athletes reach for and attain academic and personal growth goals and objectives.
• To establish nutrition and exercise programs that will ensure that our student-athletes have healthy bodies and minds.
• To establish and provide educational opportunities, support, advocacy, and mentoring to our student-athletes that will help them excel in their secondary and post secondary education.
• To provide opportunities to our student-athletes for community involvement.
• To provide life skills classes for our student-athletes that will help them succeed in our society.
• Support our participants as they transition to college.

Our Objective

As a nonprofit organization, our programs seek to build character and self-esteem in our youth with a variety of programs. Through our programs, our objective is to encourage youth to set educational and career goals that enable FASST student-athletes to broaden their lifestyles to include a holistic view of their options for healthy living and future success.

Our objective is to support and promote the total development of the under-served area youth and to assist them in being and becoming productive, giving members of society. Working with parents, teachers, community residents and other organization’s to help prepare the children for their post secondary education pursuits and beyond.

We are dedicated to youth empowerment and advocacy fostering the development of a positive and healthy self-image.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create an environment that encourages youth to use athletics as an avenue to college success, and create dreams and goals that lead to a successful future. Our goals are to improve education outcomes for the youth of our area and to develop programs that serve as models for students who have not traditionally had access in high-quality educational settings and role models.

The FASST Center

The FASST Center's goal is to provide our athletes with the best “hands on” speed, strength and conditioning program in the country. The FASST Center’s speed and strength team provides a well-designed, collaborative training program based on sound physiological principles and instruction in the:

The FASST Center will help improve overall athleticism that will maximize each athlete’s performance in his or her respective sport. There are benefits for nearly all sports.

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